The first cross-chain bridge on the Kucoin Community Chain(KCC)

KuBridge is a revolution project unlike any that has been seen in the Kucoin Community Chain because it has the potential to seamlessly “Merge” KCC with other blockchains and this is essential for the growth and development of Blockchain and decentralization.

Kubridge is excited to announce our IDO on KUBRIDGE FINANCE

Features of Kubridge


The KuBridge smart contracts would be open-source, your funds would be safe and secure from external control, in other words, your funds would be as secure as you make it, the power is truly in your hands.


Users will be able to earn simply by adding liquidity, farming, staking and more, there would be multiple pools in the KuBridge platform. KuBridge aims to introduce a revolutionary staking and farming method that is community oriented.


Thanks to the KCC team, we have seen another level of smart contract executions, bridging tokens with KuBridge would be fast and cheap, no high gas fees or hidden charges anywhere, you do not have to pay any extra fees to use the bridge except the network fees that would be used as fuel to facilitate your transaction on the blockchain.


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  • Initial Marketcap is $56,734
  • Total Supply: 38M
  • 9% Public Sale
  • 26% Private Sale
  • 7.5% Advisors
  • 13.5% Liquidity
  • 7.5% Team
  • 16.5% Marketing
  • 15% Staking
  • 5% Foundation Reserve